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Sequel to 6 Days to Valentine

After the epic romantice gesture on Valentine's day, Nick Valentine is waiting for gorgeous bouncer Davis "FatBoy" Newman to follow up on the promise his kiss implied. For his part, Nick's turned off the tap on the steady stream of boys to the back room, but he needs something from FatBoy in return and it's four weeks later and the universe is still cockblocking the pair. Now Nick is out of patience and he's giving FatBoy 6 days to show him what he's got or he's out of luck and Nick's moving on.



co-written with Sara York

This is a wolf shifter story about a bad case of teenage angst and hormones that went on far too long. So many things in the world would be better if the combatents would just go off into a corner and have sex with each other. Case in point: Carlo's finally back in town and hiding out at the beach instead of wiping that chip off his shoulder and manning up to visit his alpha. If he only looked around he'd see that Angelo's been waiting for him and is ready willing and able. This is a prologue. And features some tasty side characters and a lovely twink couple who need a HEA as much as Carlo and Angelo do. Carlo & Angelo are a work in progress. 


Exciting right? 


I can't remember why but I thought it'd be handy for backgrounds or cover art or something. At least it's not a cat....though maybe if you squint and the light is just so....


Seriously we have a cat problem here - and there is only just the two of them, but it feels like they're replicating (since biological reproducing is no longer an option for either) like those creepy robots that can repair themselves. Like, who ever thought that would be a good idea.... 

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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